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Internet pharmacies

Village Veterinary Clinic believes in the highest quality veterinary care for your pet.  Therefore, here are some FAQ's and Answers about internet pet pharmacies.

Q:  A friend told me about an Internet site that sells drugs for pets, and it's cheaper than I pay at my veterinarian. Why shouldn't I order my pet's drugs over the Internet?
A:   Finding a "deal" makes you feel you've outsmarted the system. But it's only a great "deal" if you're also receiving a quality product. Without quality, lower prices can prove to be a false savings. And sometimes the prices are not lower.

Q:  Are medications obtained by internet pharmacies such as Pet Meds safe?                                                                               

A:   We do not know this for sure.  Most of our manufacturers, like Merial, the makers of Heartgard for instance stand by the fact that they do not sell their product to these internet pharmacies.  Where they are obtaining these medications are not truely known for sure.

Q:  Internet pharmacies sound like a good deal. But some people are against buying drugs from them. Why?
A:   A number of problems have been reported, such as sales of pet medications without valid prescriptions. These drugs could pose a health threat to pets, and we're concerned about the welfare of these animals.

Q:  Why can't I get a prescription from just any veterinarian?
A:   For the same reason you can't walk into any doctor's office that's listed in the telephone directory and ask for a prescription for yourself. Because it's illegal, not to mention unethical, for a veterinarian to authorize a prescription without a valid "veterinarian-client-patient relationship." In order for you to get a legal prescription, you must be a "patient of record."

Q:  Can I buy my pet's drugs from a Canadian Internet pharmacy?
A:   No. The importation and use of drugs not approved by the FDA is illegal.

Q:  I found an Internet pharmacy that says I don't need a prescription. Do I?
A:   It is illegal and unethical for a pharmacy to send prescription drugs for animals without a valid prescription obtained from your veterinarian.

Q:  Well then, how can I find an Internet pharmacy that's credible?
A:   We haven't found a fool-proof way to assure a "good" pharmacy.  The only internet pharmacy that we have found that has the same values of keeping your pet healthy that we do here at Village Veterinary Clinic is  called 

Q:  Can my veterinarian tell me if the Internet pharmacy I'm using complies with regulations designed to protect me?
A:   No. Veterinarians cannot ensure compliance nor are they obligated to do so.

Q:  If I'm still thinking about buying my pet's medications over the Internet, what should I do?
A:   Please be careful. Insist on the same quality that you would expect from your veterinary clinic or from your neighborhood pharmacy. Your pet deserves nothing less.

Q:  What else can I do?
A:   Talk to your veterinarian. He or she wants to offer both convenience and good will, and is likely to offer you some assurance about the legitimacy and safety of his/her medication.

Finally, if you choose to go to a different online pharmacy other than VetCentric, Village Veterinary Clinic requires you to come and pick up a written prescription that you may take where you'd like but you must also sign an "internet pharmacy waiver".

**On September 2009, we were notified that PetMeds are recalling their Iverhart Plus (their generic of Heartgard) because of sub potency**