The Benefits of Pet Allergy Testing

It can be hard to pinpoint what your pet is allergic to, but pet allergy testing will help you. These tests determine the substances that cause allergic reactions in your fur baby. They assess your pet’s immune response to different allergens. Thus, take your pet to the vet if you think it may have an allergy.

A word of caution: Before taking your pet for the allergy test, ensure you know your pet’s medical history beforehand. The vet will need to confirm if your pet has been taking any medication, especially in the two months before the test. The tests are sensitive to certain medications, which may interfere with the results.

So, what are the benefits of pet allergy testing?

Identify Allergens


The first and most common benefit is the identification of allergens. The uncertainty of what is bothering your fur baby can worry you. It can take away your peace. There is peace and relief in knowing the cause of the allergic reactions. It is a step closer to identifying how to deal with the culprits. Identifying the allergen will help you keep your fur baby comfortable.

Targeted Allergy Treatment


Without pet allergy testing, the vet cannot treat the specific cause of the allergic reaction. It will be a guessing game that may cost you time and money. Once the vet identifies the offenders, they can develop an immunotherapy plan exclusive to your pet. They will monitor and evaluate your fur baby during the treatment to confirm it is working. If it is successful, the symptoms will go away.

Targeted allergy treatment will save you time and money. Your pet will feel much better, happier, and more comfortable. 

Create a Safe Environment


Once you can identify the allergen and the vet treats your pet, you can create a safe environment. Creating a safe environment may mean several things. You can allergy-proof your home and the space where your pet spends its resting time. You can also steer clear of foods that may cause allergic reactions. 

Prevention Plan


For environmental allergens, you can plan when to take your pet outside. Pick a time when the allergens are low. You can also protect your pet by using a protective covering when outdoors. You may also need to clean it once you are home.

These steps will ensure that your pet does not miss its playtime. It also gets to exercise and socialize with its friends. A prevention plan helps you anticipate the risks you may encounter when you are out with your pet.

Your pet may be reacting to different allergens. So, be patient as the vet conducts the tests. The time it takes, and the cost may be frustrating. However, keep calm and go through the process. Eventually, your vet will advise you on the best course of action, and you can help your fur baby relax. Sometimes, you may need to incorporate medication. Do not forget to keep to the vet’s prescription.

For more information on the benefits of pet allergy testing, visit Village Veterinary Clinic at our Grayslake, Illinois office. Call (847) 223-5593 to schedule an appointment today.

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