Our Story

As Dr. Koryn Swearingen drove by the small boutique veterinary clinic near her house each day, she dreamed that one day, she would get the opportunity to be the owner. In 2000, Dr. Swearingen came one step closer to that dream as she began serving as a relief vet in that very clinic before being approached by the owner in 2005 to buy the clinic.. A dream come true!

Dr. Joe Armagno, who had served as a relief vet at the practice Dr. Swearingen had previously been a partner at, followed her right away as a dream come true was quickly followed by a series of tragedies, including the passing of her father and a series of other family members. Dr. Armagno jumped in to help as Dr. Swearingen tended to the needs of her family as well as her budding clinic. In 2007, Dr. Swearingen and Dr. Armagno were joined by Dr. Cindy Marks, Dr. Swearingen’s self-proclaimed “mini-me.”

Animas became Village Veterinary Clinic (VVC), a name that Dr. Swearingen had always been set on due to her love of and connection to her village and community. More than just a name, raising four young kids at the time of the purchase of the clinic allowed Dr. Swearingen to be extremely active in the community while inviting the community to be part of her practice as well. When Dr. Swearingen bought the clinic, she had no idea how all the pieces of the client puzzle fit together. However, she quickly learned just how interconnected each of her clients were and still feels it is one of the most amazing parts of the practice.

While VVC started off with just three employees, the clinic is now just short of 20 employees. Dr. Swearingen herself has been promoted from mother to grandmother, employees that started at the clinic at a young age now have kids of their own, and the clinic has gotten the opportunity to serve generations of clients. Despite the growth, Dr. Swearingen is proud that the receptionists that were hired from the beginning are still there, are part of the community, and know everyone that walks through the door unless they’re new to the area.

Dr. Swearingen and VVC strive to make sure the best medicine is always offered and is available to all clients. The team takes into account the whole animal, its environment, its lifestyle, its family, and its role in the family. This tailored approach is what VVC is most proud of.

Aside from the medicine, Dr. Swearingen and her team always prioritize connecting with the pet and then its owners. Making the pet feel comfortable and at ease is always the top priority, creating a fear free environment where pets can feel safe, relaxed, and happy. This type of attention to detail allows the whole team to learn about the behavior of the animal in order to continually provide the finest care.

With the pets relaxed and at ease, the team at VVC sees themselves as partners with the owners to help each animal live their best life. Keys to the success of this approach include making sure clients feel heard, can trust each member of the team, and are able to feel the compassion emanating from all parts of the process. The collaboration and partnership creates opportunities of learning for both the owners and the team at VVC.

With core values of Respect, Partnership, Teamwork, Excellence, Compassion, and Transparency, it’s easy to see why VVC is unique. The boutique, privately-owned clinic is designed to feel like a home, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is clean and radiates positive, safe energy. The love, care, healing and nurturing energy oozes from every aspect of the clinic. And it’s not just the animals. As soon as you walk in the door, it’s evident that the team exudes love for each other, creating an environment that is ripe for the highest quality medicine and an enjoyable experience for human and animal alike.

Our main purpose at VVC is to provide the best medicine at the best value for all of our clients.

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