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The Benefits of Pet Allergy Testing

It can be hard to pinpoint what your pet is allergic to, but pet allergy testing will help you. These tests determine the substances that cause allergic reactions in your fur baby. They assess your pet’s immune response to different allergens. Thus, take your pet to the vet if you think it may have an allergy.

5 Things a DNA Test Can Tell You About Your Dog

DNA testing can be an interesting way to learn more about the breed of your dog, and their ancestry as well as an indicator of their physical traits as they grow up – particularly with rescued dogs. However, DNA testing has many more uses than just satisfying your curiosity. It can also help you identify potential health risks, advise you on the care of your pet, and better understand your dog’s behavior.

A Complete Vaccination Guide for Your New Puppy

Taking your puppy for its first veterinary check-up is the perfect opportunity to start an ongoing health record. This record will be used to track various aspects of their health and development to ensure that they grow into a healthy adult dog. Routine puppy vaccinations will be recorded to ensure their health and to remind you when any boosters are due.

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