New Patient Exams - Puppies & Kittens

Dog and Cat

In order to provide early detection of congenital problems and infectious diseases, new puppy and kitten examinations are strongly recommended before exposure to other pets.
​​​​​​​This visit also allow's us to set a schedule of vaccination's and discuss the proper care of your new pet.
We also encourage owners to ask any questions they may have about their new family member.

Annual Exams

Annual physical examinations help maintain your pet's health. They provide an early detection and treatment of any problems.
These yearly exams help us prevent dieseases by giving vaccinations, listening to their heart and lungs, checking ears, eyes, and limbs. At your yearly exam we will dispense of preventative medications, such as heartworm disease, flea & tick, and intestinal parasite medications.
These exams may sometimes include any diagnostic procedure's such as lab work, blood pressure, and x-rays, all of which are performed right here at our hospital.

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