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Pre-Surgical Information

Pre Surgical information

This handout is designed to educate owners about the day before and day of surgery.

No food after the night before the procedure.  A little bit of water the night before and even the morning of is okay. Drop off is between the morning of the surgery.  Allow yourself plenty of time if going to work that morning because a technician will be going over vital information with you.

We require:

Vaccinations: If your pet is not current on vaccines, titers or heartworm tests we will be doing that the day of surgery.

Preanesthetic blood testing: Like you, our greatest concern is the well being of your pet. We will perform a full physical examination on your pet before placing it under anesthesia. However, some conditions, including disorders of the liver , kidneys, and blood, are not detected unless blood testing is performed. Anesthetic agents are processed through the body by the liver and kidneys. Any disorder regarding these organs can increase your pets anesthetic risk. For this reason, we recommend pre anesthetic blood testing to place your animal in the lowest possible anesthetic risk category. Results are available within 24-48 hours, and you will be notified in the event of abnormal results. We would like bloodwork to be done at least the week prior to surgery and that appointment can be made with a technician as long as the pet has seen the Dr. within the last 6 months.

We highly recommend:

Home Again Microchip: Has your dog or cat ever been lost? Scared by thunderstorms, or fireworks and escaped your yard? Animal control receives thousands of animals every year, that they must adopt to new homes, or euthanize, when families are out searching for those pets. To help insure that you receive your beloved pet back as soon as possible, we recommend and offer Home Again Microchips.