Relieving Arthritis in Pets: The Power of Laser Therapy

Do you have a dog or cat with arthritis? Arthritis causes pet owners pain and stiffness. But laser therapy can help them feel better. Read on to learn how laser treatments work and how they safely reduce arthritis in pets.



What Is Arthritis?


Arthritis means joint inflammation. It happens when thick fluid builds up in joints, causing swelling, pain, and a lack of motion. Arthritis gets worse over the course of months and years. Soon, pets struggle to walk and play. They have tender, inflamed joints all over their bodies.


What Causes Arthritis in Pets?


Injuries, infections, immune issues, and aging lead to pet arthritis. As dogs and cats age, cartilage and joint fluid deteriorate, allowing bones to rub together. The friction causes chronic swelling and tenderness. Genetics also plays a role in some pets.


Signs of Arthritis in Pets


Look for joint stiffness, difficulty standing or lying down, limping, and yelping when touched. Pets may stop running, jumping, or playing. They might hide, act moody, or even growl when approached. These happen because the constant arthritis discomfort frustrates pets.


Why Consider Laser Therapy?


Laser therapy uses focused light to heal tissue. It reduces the painful inflammation caused by arthritis. The penetrating laser light restarts healing processes in joints, bringing gentle, effective relief without drugs or surgery. Laser therapy is a smart way to make aging pets happier.


How Does Laser Treatment Work?


Laser light therapy equipment aims beams directly at inflamed joints. The light gets absorbed into tissue and cells, triggering positive effects and the expansion of blood vessels. New oxygen and nutrients flow to joints and cartilage. Waste products flush out too. Swelling and stiffness ease up. Better motion and flexibility result.


Is Laser Therapy Safe for Pets?


Yes, veterinarian-supervised laser treatments are very safe. They do not use heat, so they are comfortable. There is no risk of burning or irritation. Laser light penetrates tissue to energize healing. Pets often become visibly calmer as their pain decreases during sessions.


What Results Can I Expect for My Pet?


Most pets show gradual improvement with laser therapy. It may take a few weeks to see changes. Initially, pets often regain mobility and interest in play. Later, joints stay inflamed less often. New flare-ups happen less often too.

You should also notice that your pet is limping less and moving more freely. With maintenance therapy, laser therapy lets pets enjoy an active lifestyle long-term.


Will My Pet Need Many Treatments?


Your vet will create a custom laser schedule for your pet’s situation. Usually, short sessions happen two to three times a week at first. After the initial series, occasional “booster” visits protect your pet’s comfort. Consistency is key; it accumulates positive effects over time.


Risks or Side Effects?


Laser therapy has years of safe use supporting it. The noninvasive light stimulates cells to function correctly again. It causes no discomfort or reactions. Laser therapy is very low-risk compared to medications or surgery options a vet might otherwise prescribe for arthritis.

Seeing your aging pet struggle with stiff, tender joints can be challenging. Laser therapy offers a safe, comforting solution. It energizes healing, reduces swelling, and treats arthritis gently. Pets become visibly calmer and move more easily, thanks to laser relief.

For more information on pet arthritis, visit Village Veterinary Clinic at our office in Grayslake, Illinois. Call (847) 223-5593 to schedule an appointment today.

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