The Benefits of Professional Pet Grooming

Grooming your pet at home can be beneficial but is often inadequate. Grooming goes beyond keeping your pet looking and smelling good. There are other important reasons why you should schedule professional pet grooming. It can help eliminate parasites, reduce shedding, and detect health issues. A professional groomer has the experience and expertise to ensure your pet is in good condition. 


Prevent Pest Infestation 

If your pet spends time exploring the outdoors, they are likely to pick up pests. Fleas and ticks can be challenging to find and eliminate. It means your pet can experience frequent pest infestations. You can schedule regular professional grooming apart from preventative treatment for your pet. Groomers check for pests in places you may not notice. If they find signs of parasites, they can recommend treatment or suggest you visit a veterinarian.


Detecting Health Issues

Professional groomers do more than make your pet appealing. They are familiar with animal anatomy and can detect abnormalities. They look for cuts, lumps, rashes, lesions, inflammation, and other issues that can indicate disease or injury. 

Early detection can lead to a more effective and manageable treatment process. Groomers clean and check the ears to look for signs of infection. If they find cuts or punctures on the paws, they apply antiseptic solutions to prevent infection. 


Best Grooming Supplies

Professional groomers know the most suitable products and grooming supplies for pets. They know what is best for specific animal breeds and have the expertise to groom different pets without causing harm or distress. 

Long-haired breeds require different supplies from short-haired breeds, and groomers use the best products to avoid skin irritations. They also know the right brushes to use to reduce mats. A healthy and shiny coat will shed less. 


Boosting Positive Behavior

Studies show that regular grooming can help foster positive behavior. Professional grooming will make a difference both physically and mentally. When pets look and smell good, they are more pleasurable. 

You are more likely to enjoy cuddling and playing with your clean pet, which can affect their mental well-being. Groomers have a great way of building trust with pets and can turn around negative feelings associated with bath time. 


Maintain Healthy Nails

Nail trimming is a vital part of pet grooming. It is essential for pet health and comfort. Keeping the nails short can reduce the risk of infection. It can also improve posture and healthy foot structure. 

Trying to trim your pet’s nails yourself can be challenging, and you can end up causing harm. Professional groomers have the skills to do so effectively. They can help keep your pet’s nails healthy, preventing future health issues. 

Professional groomers deal with pets with different temperaments. They know better how to deal with puppies, senior pets, aggressive pets, or pets with allergies. Breeds that require regular haircuts can benefit from the services of a professional groomer. Taking your pet to a professional groomer will help keep them happy, healthy, and comfortable. 

For more on the benefits of professional pet grooming, visit Village Veterinary Clinic at our Grayslake, Illinois office. Call (847) 223-5593 to schedule an appointment today.

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